Remove Harmful Minerals From Your Water

Take advantage of a whole-house water conditioner in Wilmington, DE

Even if your water is treated before it enters your home, it can still be full of contaminants. Aerus of Wilmington DE can install a whole-house water conditioner to give you cleaner water from every fixture.

Our water conditioners remove minerals from your water before it enters your main plumbing system. From your pipes and appliances to your sinks and shower, your entire house will use cleaner, softer water. Set up a whole-house water conditioner installation by calling our Wilmington, DE location today.

Why is hard water a bad thing?

Why is hard water a bad thing?

Maybe your water looks, smells and tastes fine. That doesn't mean it isn't causing you problems. A buildup of heavy minerals in your water can...

  • Collect in your pipes and appliances, causing damage and reducing their lifespan
  • Leave marks on household surfaces, including sinks, faucets, dishes and tile
  • Cause clothes to fade quicker and leave you with dry, uncomfortable skin and hair

A whole-house water conditioner will get rid of minerals before they travel through your plumbing system, reducing or eliminating these issues. Contact us at 302-998-1001 to schedule an installation.