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How clean is the water that supplies your home? Treated water can still contain minerals and chemicals that give water an unpleasant smell or taste and even lead to other health concerns. With a drinking water filtration system, you can be confident the water you drink and cook with is safe and tastes great.

Aerus of Delaware has a variety of both installed and portable drinking water systems utilizing the latest technologies science has to offer. Say "Goodbye" to buying expensive bottles of water in single-use plastic bottles. See what sets Aerus Origins water apart.

Your options for water filtration

Your options for water filtration

Different filters are designed to solve different problems. If you're not sure which whole-house water filtration system will work best for your home, we can help. Our options include...

  • Chemical-free filters that oxidize water to remove contaminants
  • Drain- and electricity-free filters for reliable filtering
  • Filters with smart technology that can adjust based on your water usage

We'll explain your choices so you can install a filtration system that gives you the results you want. Get started when you call us at 302-998-1001.

Elevate PH Max

Elevate pH Max

Elevate pH Max is a water ionizer that offers 8 different pH levels for your drinking water, ranging from 4.0 acidic water to 10.0 alkaline water plus a Super function to achieve extreme pH levels when needed

Features and Benefits:

  • Direct Disk Ionization (DDI) Technology™ does not require numerous plates or membranes and square inches of surface area does not apply, as they do in conventional plate ionization units.
  • Can achieve standard ORP levels at a higher flow rate.
  • A patented constant power output design monitors the TDS level of the source water and automatically adjusts accordingly to maintain a constant pH level.
  • Eco Friendly Technology
  • Designed to operate in low or high TDS areas, even with the TDS is in the thousands.
  • Accidental use of hot water will not harm the unit as there are no membranes.
  • A unique water-cooled power supply allows for continual operation without risk of ever overheating.
  • Easy to read, multicolor LCD control panel keeps track of performance particulars, including total liters produced, life indicators, and pH setting. Each pH setting changes the background color of the LCD panel

Elevate pH Max goes a step beyond regular drinking water to provide extreme levels of hydration. This water ionizer offers 8 different pH levels for your drinking water, ranging from 4.0 acidic water to 10.0 alkaline water, plus a Super function to achieve even higher pH levels.

If you're focused on performing better physically and mentally, Elevate pH Max will take you higher.

Origins Reverse Osmosis Ro400

Origins Reverse Osmosis Ro400

If you want the best of the best, you need a water purification system you can count on for deep filtration. The Origins Reverse Osmosis RO400 from Aerus is an industry-leading system that produces up to 75 gallons of clean drinking water each day. If you own a home or business in the Delaware area, turn to our team for high-quality products and installation services.

Give your family easy access to clean water. Find out more about our reverse osmosis system today.

No one wants minerals and toxins in their water, whether they're using it to bathe, wash dishes or nourish their body. Instead of stressing about contaminants in your water, rely on us for a top-tier filtration system.

Our reverse osmosis system is designed to remove contaminants like...

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Organic materials
  • Inorganic materials
  • Metals
  • Dissolved solids
  • Pollutants

Reverse osmosis is a thorough water filtration system you can trust to purify your water. Set up your installation today!

Reverse osmosis forces water through a special membrane to remove contaminants

Elevate pH 600+

Elevate pH 600+

The Elevate pH 600+ is a reverse osmosis water filter that provides gallons of fresh drinking water right from your kitchen sink. It uses 6 total treatment stages and 4 stages of advanced filtration to give you clean water you'll feel great drinking.

Features and Benefits:
Utilizes enhanced Aerus Elevate pH 600+ to elevate reverse osmosis process by reintroducing minerals to the water enhancing the overall functionality by increasing the pH
Features Activated Carbon Filter and Coconut granulated carbon filter
Capable of removing salts, sugars, proteins, dyes, particles, heavy metals, dissolved organics, and disinfectant byproducts
Removes dissolved substances from your water