How Aerus Delaware Stands Out

Aerus, originally known as Electrolux since 1924, has been an industry pioneer in cleaning technologies for almost a century. Aerus Delaware, a locally owned and family operated franchise, has been serving the Delaware community for over 20 years. Aerus Delaware continues to raise the bar in environmental health now offering solutions that not only provide clean surfaces, but pure water, and fresh air as well. What makes this company extraordinary is its continued innovation, ground breaking technologies, and understanding of our resident's needs.

Why Test Your Water
Whether you have your own private well or water provided by a public municipality, it is important for homeowners to test their water regularly to ensure the water is free from environmental risks and potential health disorders.

Health and Home
Common contaminants found in Delaware water from both public and private sources have been linked to several serious health conditions as well as damage to the pipes, appliances, and unsightly staining.

What is involved in the Test?
Testing is completed inside your home at the kitchen sink. It is fun and informative and takes around 45 minutes, depending on your questions. We also perform a complimentary appliance check if corrosive or damaging issues are found.
Aerus Delaware, your local healthy home experts, have been committed to creating clean, healthy indoor environments for over 20 years. Water plays an important role in both our physical health and the maintenance and longevity of our homes. For that reason, we offer FREE in-home water testing right at your kitchen sink! Find out what's in your water today.

Free Water Quality Test

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